About SimpliVity

SimpliVity was established in 2009 with the mission of simplifying IT, and we are well on our way. Launched in April 2013, SimpliVity’s products are used by hundreds of enterprises and service providers worldwide. The company is headquartered in Massachusetts, with sales offices throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Pacific Rim. SimpliVity’s business model is 100% indirect, and its solutions and professional services are available through its network of worldwide resellers and distributors. SimpliVity has been recognized by the industry for its leadership team, channel acumen and friendliness, and product innovation.

Today, companies are under continued pressure to leverage IT for competitive advantage, while being constrained by the cost and complexity of deploying it. With a greater availability of cloud computing resources, IT organizations grapple with outsourcing IT infrastructure to cloud providers or maintaining and operating infrastructure resources on premises. In short, post-virtualization data centers are challenged to deliver the scalability, efficiency and economics of cloud computing while maintaining the performance, resiliency and manageability of enterprise IT.

SimpliVity delivers the best of both worlds. OmniStack— our novel technology that includes 10 patent-pending innovations—powers an assimilated IT infrastructure platform. OmniStack’s data virtualization platform abstracts data from its underlying hardware, shifting the management paradigm from hardware resources to workloads/applications and providing unparalleled data mobility. It achieves superior data efficiency by deduplicating, compressing and optimizing all data at inception in real time, once and forever—and without performance penalties. It also natively integrates data protection and cloud enablement to provide further operational efficiency and TCO reduction.

SimpliVity creates its hyperconverged infrastructure platform, OmniCube, by packaging OmniStack on an x86 platform that provides hypervisor, compute, storage services and network switching. Deploying two or more OmniCube systems create an OmniCube Global Federation, creating a massively-scalable pool of shared resources, and enabling efficient data movement and enterprise-class system availability—all managed from a single pane of glass, by a single administrator. SimpliVity goes steps further to converge IT resources with features that eliminate WAN optimization, primary storage deduplication, backup deduplication, caching, cloud gateway, and replication— all at a fraction of the acquisition cost of standard infrastructure, a fraction of today’s traditional operating costs, and with a game-changing reduction in complexity.

History demonstrates that technology revolutions necessitate transformations of all of the underlying infrastructure layers in order to realize their full potential. Today’s potential revolutions—IT infrastructure virtualization and cloud computing—are blocked from fulfilling their promises due to siloed IT infrastructure. We directly address that problem with the delivery of OmniStack-powered hyperconverged infrastructure, which contributes to a 3x reduction in IT infrastructure total cost of ownership.


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SimpliVity Corp.
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Tel: 855-788-4636