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"OmniCube changes the data center for the better. It's simple to use, so IT professionals can be more strategic."

Best of VMworld Award Judges

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"SimpliVity is one of the biggest innovations in enterprise computing since VMware, OmniCube is radically simplifying IT infrastructure with systems that are better, faster, smaller and less expensive than competitive offerings. SimpliVity is well positioned to transform IT."

John Doerr, General Partner of Kleiner Perkins


"We invest in category leaders addressing large market opportunities. SimpliVity offers breakthrough price/performance and unprecedented manageability for companies deploying virtual machine and cloud environments. As companies of all sizes continue their migration to virtualization and cloud computing, we see a wonderful opportunity for SimpliVity's products to be used as lego-like building blocks to build, expand and simplify IT operations in mid-size companies, large enterprises - especially those with remote offices, and cloud service providers as well. Furthermore, we are extremely impressed with the sophistication and high level of professionalism of SimpliVity's management team and their intense focus on making their customers successful,"

Mark Bailey, Managing Director of DFJ Growth


"After months of analyzing alternative infrastructure solutions, we discovered SimpliVity's OmniCube and were quickly convinced. We recognized that SimpliVity's innovative data architecture would offer superior functionality while allowing us to significantly reduce costs. Within 12 days, we decided to standardize on OmniCube for all of our virtualized workloads, and purchased our first 6 systems. OmniCube allowed us to replace our SAN environments in two sites, while introducing significant improvements to backup and DR—all at a pricepoint lower than what we would have paid simply to deploy a new traditional backup system."

Jeremy Wheeler, Innovation Architect for Dairylea

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SimpliVity Corp. OmniCube is part of a new class of storage -- a hyper-converged appliance that combines solid-state and hard disk drive capacity, compute and hypervisor in one box. "This is a highly converged infrastructure system ... the most innovative, advanced converged infrastructure system available..."

Judge for Storage Magazine, "2013 Products of the Year" award competition


"SimpliVity has done something truly unique in delivering a complete IT building block that is built around an entirely new architecture for storing and managing data globally. The significant traction they've gained in a short time period indicates that this is truly transformative technology, and I expect SimpliVity's market impact to accelerate as the company expands its operation with this new round of capital."

Laura Dubois, Program Vice President for Storage Systems, Software and Solutions with IDC.

"Doron is a very talented entrepreneur, and we are delighted to work with him again," said Kevin Comolli from Accel Partners. "He has assembled a world-class team at SimpliVity that has developed a truly distinctive technology that will disrupt this large market."

Kevin Comolli
Accel Partners

"MLB Network has been working with SimpliVity to develop and tune the OmniCube product for supporting the in-house developed Emmy-nominated DIAMOND System. We are very excited about the potential the OmniCube offers in supporting our DIAMOND Asset Management system. We are looking to deploy a high performance solution that will simplify the management component of DIAMOND, while providing a high availability environment with built in disaster recovery. This will also provide an excellent development platform for DIAMOND development."

Tab Butler
Director, Media Management and Post Production MLB Networks

With the proliferation of proprietary hypervisors and hardware stacks, the threat to IT planners of locking into a technology dead end has never been greater. SimpliVity's OmniStack technology shows what can be done with a bit of ingenuity and independent thinking. We will be watching the company as it moves to complete hypervisor and hardware agnosticism and begins to offer atomic units of computing resource.

Jon Toigo
CEO Toigo Partners International and Chairman of the Data Management Institute

"In today's complex IT infrastructure landscape we need to simplify the stack, reduce costs and stop the overlapping upgrade cycle of equipment. Simplification of the IT infrastructure is one of our top strategic priorities. SimpliVity’s OmniCube has the potential to accomplish just that, by consolidating a comprehensive set of functionality into a simple, scalable building block.”

The underlying OmniStack architecture is the most promising IT technology since Virtualization, this can change the game for every IT leader"

Dassault Systemes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company

Fresenius Medical Care is the world’s leading company devoted to patient-oriented renal therapy. Through over 2,000 kidney dialysis clinics in North America, it provides 32 million life-saving dialysis treatments to more than 215,000 patients worldwide. The IT infrastructure leadership team is constantly looking for ways to simplify our complex infrastructure. OmniCube presents a great opportunity to meet our objectives. Deliver fast, reliable, scalable, cost effective and simple systems.”

Ami Shavit, Director Technical Services
Fresenius Medical Care NA

SimpliVity’s OmniCube enables us to dramatically simplify our environment and reduce costs by minimizing both our data center footprint and IT skills portfolio. Gone are the days when we needed to buy and configure different size servers for different functions. We will gain great efficiencies by storing all copies of data—production, HA, DR, Test, Development and data warehouses—within the OmniCube federation and realizing the benefits of consolidation and global deduplication. We can even manage our offshore data centers more effectively via a single global vCenter portal.

William McHugh, COO and CIO
Latitude19 Technology

“What attracted us to the OmniCube was the simplicity of the typical server rack conundrum. Instead of implemented disparate components, SimpliVity has a novel approach for the infrastructure stack; assimilating server, storage and networking functionality into a smaller and less expensive footprint, while maintaining scalability with converged IT building blocks. The OmniCube offers rich functionality, high performance at a fraction of the cost (CAPEX/OPEX) of traditional, cluttered architecture. The management of the OmniCube is conveniently assimilated into VMware Vcenter. From a single tab you can achieve unified global management. We see the OmniCube spanning from the Enterprise level all the way down to the SMB market.”

Adam Winter, President

SimpliVity’s ambitious approach to changing the whole IT stack breaks existing limitations, while enabling great gains in efficiency of data virtualization, and simplifying both the physical IT infrastructure, as well as the operations to configure, monitor and maintain it. In an elegant package, OmniCube delivers all requisite functionality that the modern virtualized datacenter needs.

Radek Sousek, CTO
SIT, Value Added Reseller and Service provider for datacenter IT infrastructure in Central Europe

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"For 50 years we have architected infrastructure to fundamentally support a single application environment to the best of its abilities. We've made each piece faster, cheaper, and bigger - but basically always in support of a silo ‘ed application. That simply is not the way virtual environments need to operate.

SimpliVity recognized that in order to deal with the mixed and mobile workload application environment of the virtual world what’s required is the delivery of a new architecture, and that’s just what they’ve done—SimpliVity has delivered a new assimilated IT infrastructure stack inclusive of all compute, storage, data protection, and network optimization functionalities all of the VM level within vCenter!! At last, the poor system administrators can get some sleep"

Steve Duplessie, Founder/Sr. Analyst

“Our research suggest that the idea of infrastructure convergence continues to take hold within the industry’s collective conscience,” said Simon Robinson, Research Vice President at 451 Research. “But one key question that IT decision makers are asking is whether converged platforms offer enough bang for the buck. In our view SimpliVity’s OmniCube is the first converged platform designed from the ground up to optimize the data environment, applying numerous technologies such as deduplication in a fundamentally different way to ensure efficient data storage, protection and movement in any scenario. If its promise holds true, then SimpliVity’s ability to substantially simplify IT could help unlock the true potential of virtualization and cloud computing. We look forward to seeing it deliver on this promise.”

Simon Robinson, Research Vice President – Storage and Information Management
The 451 Group

IT infrastructure has indeed become a nightmare. It all started with open systems and for good reasons. But by now the IT infrastructure looks like a maze, requiring several IT experts to manage. The customer needs to buy myriad devices and software to store, move, monitor, protect and manage data and applications. If this was OK with large enterprises (and it is not) it certainly is a disaster for mid-size companies. SimpliVity has assimilated compute, network, storage – and variety of deduplication, compression, protection, acceleration and WAN optimization capabilities – in a way that significantly simplifies and reduces cost to bring sanity back to the IT administrator, which in this case will be the VMware administrator. The name SimpliVity is a good representation of what they do. I expect to see this trend become a flood in the next three years.

Arun Taneja, Founder and Consulting Analyst
Taneja Group


"Standing out among the many vendors to recently introduce a converged offering is SimpliVity. SimpliVity's OmniCube excels along two vital dimensions: scope of converged functionality that encompasses what would otherwise be delivered by as many as 10 separate products; and resource efficiency, in that all of the functionality is assimilated within a single stack, running atop virtualized shared resources. According to IDC research, customers are moving to converged offerings such as SimpliVity's to increase time to market, improve IT staff efficiency and increase IT resource utilization."

Laura DuBois, Program Vice President for Storage Systems, Software and Solutions with IDC.

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“Complexity in today’s infrastructure is THE #1 problem facing the IT team. With OmniCube, SimpliVity is attacking the root cause of the problem with an entirely new data architecture that was designed with the needs of the modern data center in mind.”

Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst

Doron Kempel’s new company, SimpliVity, is coming to the mid-sized market with an exciting new system that assimilates compute, storage, networking and virtualization into a single infrastructure that can be managed by a virtualization administrator from a single pane of glass, says Deni Connor, founding analyst for Storage Strategies NOW. “Whereas other companies have introduced systems that are cobbled together from compute and storage resources often from differing vendors, SimpliVity’s OmniCube, represents a simple, integrated approach for data center and cloud-based infrastructures.

Deni Connor, Founding Analyst
Storage Strategies NOW/Systems Strategies NOW

“SimpliVity creates highly available IT infrastructure out of SimpliVity building blocks that are shared among different functionalities, such as compute server and storage server, without dedicating separate hardware resource for each functionality. This approach increases resource utilization and leads to effective performance, capacity and price points for varying storage and cpu requirements of different application environments, and therefore will provide savings for customers, beyond the current IT infrastructures and server virtualization platforms.”

Leana Golubchik, PhD
Professor of Computer Science, University of Southern California

“Overcoming complexity is one of the major complaints of any CIO today,” said Dan Kusnetzky, Distinguished Analysts from the Kusnetzky Group LLC. Discovering methods to simplify industry standard system configurations while allowing the organization to continue to support key information technology solutions would certainly reduce the organization’s overall costs. SimpliVity is offering a new approach that is designed to address the challenge of complexity and reduce the cost of industry standard system-based solutions.”

Dan Kusnetzky, Distinguished Analyst and Founder
Kusnetzky Group LLC

"SimpliVity is at the forefront of the convergence trend that is transforming enterprise IT. Its flagship offering, OmniCube, leapfrogs competitive products in breadth of functionality and introduces a highly efficient, novel data architecture. The result is an ultra-functional yet low cost datacenter-in-a box solution that addresses the most pressing issues in the data center today: cost and complexity."

Matt Murphy
Partner at KPCB

"The amount of activity in the emerging infrastructure HyperConvergence market is high and accelerating, and for a good reason. Complexity is still the number one issue in IT, especially in mid-size enterprises, where staffs and budgets are limited. HyperConvergence holds great promise for such customers. In fact, at Taneja Group we believe it holds promise for customers of all sizes that are seeking to simplify. Taneja Group research has found, however, that despite similar messages from vendors, not all HyperConvergence offerings are created equal. We are starting to look at two metrics: Scope of Functionality on one axis and Degree of Efficiency along the other. On that basis SimpliVity's OmniCube stands tall, in our view. It is no surprise that Kleiner decided to invest heavily in SimpliVity after assessing the strengths and differentiation of its product."

Arun Taneja
Consulting Analyst and Founder of the Taneja Group


"When I first met SimpliVity at VMWare PEX this year, I could almost not believe their OmniCube live demo. It was very clear that partnering with SimpliVity would have a positive impact on our company. SimpliVity is an outstanding and stunning next generation platform for VMware solutions, which is highly scalable, reliable, functional and simple to manage. As a SimpliVity partner, this provides a huge opportunity to generate new business."

Tristan P. Andres, Senior IT Consultant & Cloud Architect
Lake Solutions AG


"As a system integrator we are always looking for the best possible solutions to offer our customers. SimpliVity's OmniCube stood out in the converged infrastructure market. We were so convinced of the OmniCube's potential that we added it to our product portfolio. Now we can truly offer our customers an infrastructure solution which is easy to setup, manage, support and deliver great performance. SimpliVity's OmniCube is a winner."

Ruud van Heusden, Marketing Manager


"SimpliVity radically puts an end to the complexity of today's IT infrastructure. We are currently running 4 OmniCubes in our datacenters and the system clearly provided the promised benefits. By assimilating most advanced network and storage technologies into a single 'all-in-one datacenter,' OmniCube will dramatically reduce our organization's TCO while offering unprecedented flexibility, scalability and security."

Wolfgang Kurz, CTO & GM
indevis IT-Consulting and Solutions


"SimpliVity OmniCube provides a data center in a box with all the functionality our service offerings demand – reliability, scalability, and performance. Providing actual virtual machines and data based on our customer needs provides a big advantage over the competition in our hosting and outsourcing services. Speed, ease of use, reliability and price enables us to provide disaster recovery services for all of our customers in an affordable price range."

Stephan Lauer, CEO
TCC Products GmbH


"SimpliVity OmniCube is the culmination of the simplification of data centers – far beyond what traditional converged infrastructure vendors have offered so far. The combination of server, storage and virtualization software with SimpliVity's deduplication, compression, and optimization software makes OmniCube a unique approach. And what's more, it is very affordable, even for mid-market customers. In contrast to traditional converged infrastructures SimpliVity's totally unified approach delivers a solution from one single vendor, guaranteeing a far higher level of support, management and performance."

Jerome Boulon
VP Sales, Miel

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