VMworld 2012 Wrap-Up: The SimpliVity Message Of Infrastructure Assimilation Is Resonating

SimpliVity™ held our coming-out party at VMworld 2012 (August 26-30), leveraging the opportunity to introduce the company and our flagship product—OmniCube™—directly to the most important audience in IT today.   The reception was extraordinary.  During the 3 ½ day show, we recorded more than 6,000 visits to our booth and provided product demonstrations to over 700 visitors.  Our message of simplifying the IT infrastructure with a comprehensive, assimilated platform is clearly resonating.  See our VMworld summary here.

The selection of VMworld as our stage for the company launch was not a mere coincidence of timing.   At SimpliVity, we believe the VM administrator is the logical hub of the IT environment—responsible for predicting, provisioning, protecting, and managing resources for the business applications and their users.  This critical role entails a heavy reliance on the underlying IT infrastructure, which drives the need to very directly connect the management of the VM environment with the infrastructure on which it runs.  We’ve done this with OmniCube, and the enthusiastic reception we received provides clear validation of the market need for what we call “assimilation.”  (We refer to assimilation as the elegant combination of multiple infrastructure functions and features into a single, unified, and easy-to-manage system.  Increasingly, we are seeing the term “hyperconvergence” used to describe the approach to combining multiple features and functions within a single infrastructure platform.)

Given the importance of the VM admin in IT today—after all, the nearly 300 other vendors that sponsored VMworld appreciate this—why is it that most infrastructure vendors make it more difficult, not less so, for the VM admins to perform their jobs effectively?

There are many reasons why this is the case today. In most cases, (as is the case for all large, established vendors), vendors are providing solutions built on technology designed before server virtualization was prominent.  While they all are investing heavily to integrate and optimize for VMware, they are hamstrung by their legacy data architectures which cannot be changed without a complete product redesign—a near impossible task for mature products with thousands or tens of thousands of customers.  In other cases, vendors are introducing new technologies that provide some enhancements over legacy offerings but are limited by a design that is still optimized for IT before virtualization was prominent.

By contrast, OmniCube contains an entirely new data architecture that enables the assimilation of not only server and storage resources, but also a comprehensive list of core functions that today’s VM environment demands.  As we explained to our many guests this week, the comprehensive functionality within OmniCube pivots off the real-time, hardware-accelerated deduplication and compression that occurs at the inception of the data as it enters the OmniCube, resulting in the management of very fine grain data elements across the OmniCube Federation.  Once achieved, core functions that depend on data mobility—such as cache-accelerated performance, backup, replication, simple scale-out, and cloud integration—are easily assimilated into the solution.  The inclusion of all of this core functionality into one platform, managed via vSphere client by a single admin, creates a significant departure from legacy infrastructure management and offers radical simplification to infrastructure.

By beginning with the goal to truly simplify the infrastructure, SimpliVity has delivered a new IT infrastructure platform that truly empowers the VM admin to manage the environment effectively and efficiently, and ultimately provides a higher level of value to the business applications that run within the VM domain.

VMworld 2012 represented the perfect stage for us to introduce our VM-centric, comprehensive, assimilated platform, and we were very pleased to hear the validation of our approach from literally thousands of participants at the show.   While this launch represents the culmination of several years of effort, it also marks a beginning:  Our introduction to the market and the direct engagement with the IT managers for whom we’ve designed OmniCube.

Thank you to all who were able to meet the SimpliVity team at VMworld, and for those who have not yet, we look forward to the opportunity to meet soon.

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