Hyperconvergence Makes IT Easier

In 2001, VMware started a revolution. By virtualizing x86 servers, they changed IT service delivery. But the rest of the IT infrastructure in the data center has not kept up. Hyperconverged infrastructure addresses the cost and complexity of legacy infrastructure and is one of the fastest growing segments in the $107B IT infrastructure market.

How Hyperconvergence Works

See why hyperconverged infrastructure is the way forward for enterprise IT.


What Hyperconvergence Achieves

The 2016 State of Hyperconverged infrastructure Market report found that hyperconverged infrastructure can drive significant business, operational, and financial benefits.


Reduce capital needed for technology
refreshes and new infrastructure projects.

Data Protection
Improve operational and disaster recovery
and streamline time spent on data protection tasks.



Evolution of Convergence

Convergence has evolved from the packaging of existing components to the convergence of servers,
networking, and storage. Modern solutions go further and hyperconverge all IT infrastructure and data services for virtualized workloads.

Evolution of Convergence



Not All Hyperconvergence Is Created Equal

The chart below is a guide to comparing hyperconvergence alternatives.

Comparing Hyperconvergence Alternatives


Learn More About Hyperconvergence

State of Hyperconverged Market Report

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Get details on how your peers are evaluating
it and their views on the benefits.

Hyperconverged for Dummies

Getting started? Read this guide to learn about
hyperconverged infrastructure basics and how
it helps to simplify IT and reduce TCO.


Gorilla Guide to Hyperconvergence

Thinking about a hyperconvergence project?
Learn which use cases are driving hyperconvergence and how
to overcome roadblocks to adoption.

Comparing Hyperconverged Infrastructure Options

Evaluating alternative solutions? See a comparison of the features of SimpliVity, Cisco HyperFlex, NetApp FlexPod, and Nutanix.



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