OmniCube Product Family

The OmniCube is a fully integrated hyperconverged infrastructure appliance. OmniCube converges eight to 12 core data center functions into 2U building blocks on enterprise-grade servers. It folds in the hypervisor, compute, storage, backup, replication, deduplication, WAN optimization, cloud gateway, and more. SimpliVity’s data architecture creates a single shared resource pool across multiple sites and provides highly efficient data storage, management and mobility.

Run your business more effectively with SimpliVity OmniCubes and realize up to 3x TCO savings. Get the agility, scalability and affordability of cloud-based computing, with the performance and resiliency of on-premise enterprise infrastructure. And it comes with SimpliVity’s HyperGuarantee. It’s not marketing hype, but an actual warranty - built right into our terms and conditions.


Fully integrated system. The OmniCube combines x86 resources, networking, and storage access to consolidate all IT infrastructure and services below the hypervisor.  Eliminate the need to purchase, deploy and manage multiple discrete components and realize up to 3x TCO savings.

Choose from a wide variety of all-flash and hybrid OmniCube models. Support the full range of enterprise workloads, environments and use cases, from your most demanding, data intensive applications, to core and edge data center services.

OmniStack Software. The OmniCube includes the OmniStack Data Virtualization Platform, which delivers accelerated data efficiency, built-in data protection, and global unified management.  OmniStack natively includes policy-based VM-centric backup and WAN-optimized replication for disaster recovery, reducing backup and restore times from hours to minutes.  All management is done at the VM level using familiar interfaces such as VMware vCenter and VMware vRealize Automation.

OmniStack Accelerator Card. The OmniCube includes this purpose-built PCIe card, which deduplicates, compresses, and optimizes all data inline, in real-time, at inception, globally.  On average, customers achieve 40:1 data efficiency while increasing application performance.

OmniCube Stack in a Data Center

The OmniCube product family supports virtualized workloads of all sizes.


The OmniCube comes in a variety of sizes and configurations for a range of virtualized workloads.

OmniCube Product Family Specifications  

* Supports data-at-rest encryption. Models with self-encrypting drives available.

** Effective capacity varies by environment, and is a function of realized deduplication and compression rates. The capacities mentioned above offer a conservative range based on compression and deduplication rates found in standard, primary storage use cases.

*** Usable RAM represents estimated memory resources available to virtual applications.

**** For dual CPU models, three additional slots are available for any combination of these NICs - 2vx 10 Gbe (SFP+), 2 x 1 Gbe (RJ45) or 4 x 1 Gbe (RJ45).


SimpliVity’s OmniCube technology meets a range of IT challenges. Simplify your next project with hyperconvergence.

Data Center Consolidation

Whether you’re consolidating multiple data centers into one, or converging IT within a single site, SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure simplifies IT. Combine all IT infrastructure and data services below the hypervisor in a single 2U hardware platform.

Data Protection

Improve RPOs and RTOs dramatically with hyper-efficient local and remote backup and recovery built into SimpliVity hyperconvergence solutions. Reduce your dependency on legacy backup and replication products.

Cloud Computing

Get the agility and economics of public cloud while delivering the application performance of a private cloud. Leverage private and/or public cloud resources to build out your hybrid cloud using SimpliVity.


Optimize performance, scalability and reliability for virtual desktop computing. Drive down costs by getting more desktop workloads on less infrastructure without impairing worker productivity or user satisfaction.


Bring remote and branch offices into the fold with SimpliVity’s Unified Protected ROBO solution. SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure solution brings data protection for ROBOs and centralizes management.

Tier-1 Applications

Run, manage, and protect your business-critical virtual workloads. Dramatically improve application performance with SimpliVity hyperconvergence, a modern infrastructure designed to host virtualized tier-1 applications.


Go to market faster with a highly efficient, agile infrastructure that can meet the rapidly changing demands of test and development environments. Speed up IT agility for DevOps and IaaS projects.


SimpliVity’s Product Portfolio

OmniCube Product Family
OmniCube Product Family

Pre-built hyperconverged infrastructure on enterprise-grade servers

OmniStack with Dell PowerEdge R730xd
OmniStack with Dell PowerEdge

Hyperconverged infrastructure on Dell PowerEdge R730xd

OmniStack with Cisco UCS
OmniStack with Cisco UCS

Hyperconverged infrastructure on Cisco UCS C240 M4

OmniStack with Lenovo System x
OmniStack with Lenovo System x

Hyperconverged infrastructure on Lenovo System x3650 M5

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