ESG Summary-1000 VM Performance – SimpliVity Hyperconverged Infrastructure

See the performance test results for 1000 Fully Protected VMs!

Predictable performance scalability is a critical concern when complex applications with a mix of workloads share a system’s resources, especially in a virtualized environment. However, providing only performance for the application is not enough—valuable tier-1 applications must be protected too. ESG Lab confirmed that the efficient software-defined architecture of SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure delivered scalable, predictable performance for a virtualized environment while fully protecting it using a combination of built-in local and remote data protection.

Read this ESG lab summary to see the fully protected performance and predictable application response times for VMs while performing a heavy mix of backup, recovery and copy operations. Also see the linear scalability for fully protected application performance as hyperconverged infrastructure nodes were added to the cluster.