SimpliVity RapidDR

SimpliVity RapidDR automates and accelerates offsite disaster recovery of virtualized workloads running on SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure, minimizing system downtime and business disruptions.

Meet aggressive RTOs. Rapidly restart VMs and restore virtualized workloads at your recovery site with one simple mouse click. Eliminate manual recovery processes that prolong downtime.

Safeguard Data with Hyperconvergence  

Simplify disaster recovery planning. Avoid complex scripting efforts that consume IT staff and budget. With SimpliVity RapidDR you can implement enterprise-grade DR plans in just five easy steps.

Make the most of SimpliVity’s inherent data efficiencies. Enable rapid remote site backup and recovery—even over bandwidth-constrained WAN links.


Rapid recovery through automation. When disaster strikes, SimpliVity RapidDR minimizes service disruptions by automating remote site recovery. Eliminate time-consuming manual recovery processes. SimpliVity RapidDR lowers recovery times by 70% or more compared to manual recovery procedures. Automatically power on and reconfigure VMs with a single mouse click.

Simplified DR setup and execution. SimpliVity RapidDR eliminates complicated DR scripting processes and complex runbooks that consume IT time, resources and budget. An intuitive, VM-centric GUI guides the system administrator through the configuration process streamlining setup. Avoid the added expense and complexity of special-purpose DR automation tools.

Improved compliance and reduced risk. Ensure strict compliance with stringent disaster recovery and business continuity regulations. Produce well documented and fully validated DR plans and detailed historical reports for compliance audits. Mitigate financial risks and legal exposure.

Single-vendor solution. Simplify product licensing, logistics and support with a single-vendor solution. SimpliVity is the only hyperconverged solution to feature built-in data protection and disaster recovery automation as part of a complete, integrated solution.

SimpliVity RapidDR
Offsite Disaster Recovery Offsite Disaster Recovery

Dramatically improve RPOs and RTOs with hyper-efficient remote backup and automated recovery. Reduce your dependency on ineffective legacy backup and replication products and stand-alone DR automation tools.

ROBO Disaster Recovery ROBO Disaster Recovery

Extend enterprise-grade data protection and disaster recovery to remote offices and branch offices—even over bandwidth-constrained WAN links. Centralize and simplify administration of unattended remote sites. Avoid special-purpose WAN optimization appliances.

Audit and Compliance Readiness Audit and Compliance Readiness

Use SimpliVity RapidDR’s self-documenting recovery plans to ensure compliance with industry regulations and compliance mandates. Consolidate your complex runbook into a simple, reliable, and audit-ready recovery plan.


Key Features

SimpliVity products share a common set of key features. All products improve agility by streamlining operations and freeing time and resources to support new IT projects, and reduce risk by enabling rapid recovery from unplanned downtime.

Guaranteed Data Efficiency

Get 90% capacity savings across production and backup storage while improving application performance. Eliminate unnecessary IO and improve performance with superior global data deduplication, compression, and optimization.

Built-In Resiliency, Backup, and Disaster Recovery

Ensure the highest levels of data integrity and availability and meet increasingly stringent RTOs and RPOs with built-in backup, bandwidth-efficient replication, and automated disaster recovery that eliminates legacy data protection.

Global VM-Centric Management and Mobility

Simplify day-to-day management and improve IT agility with policy-based, VM-centric management. Get seamless VM mobility across your data centers and remote offices, making development teams and end-users more productive.

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