Greetings all nerds, geeks, dweebs, dorks, goofballs, goobers, techies, bookworms, neckbeards, melvs, brainiacs, poindexters, propeller heads, and weirdos.

For decades, you were mocked and maligned for your passions, proclivities, and peculiarities. Now, all of a sudden, tech, science, and genre fiction rules, and what was once mocked is now revered. The world changed around you while you were doing your thing, and now you find yourself at the pinnacle of cool. Look around you. All the trappings of geekdom have left the basement gaming table and are strutting their way across the runway and into gaming stadiums. Nerdiness has never been some fashionable affection for you. It’s who you are. You are #SQUARE4LYFE

Welcome home.


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Silicon Valley, HBO's hilarious satire about one fictitious startup's trials and triumphs in the Bay Area, has caught the attention of geeks around the globe through its blunt, comedic authenticity of the tech world's culture. And one company, SimpliVity, was called to duty to ensure Silicon Valley kept up its nerdy charm. Hear their story.

Silicon Valley Season 3 Episode 4

'Silicon Valley,' season three, episode four: All about that box

May 16, 2016 | RECODE

"Silicon Valley" is produced and written by unrepentant nerdball geeksters, this box is a real thing that they researched, pondered and obsessed over, and the company making it, SimpliVity, has had a very atypical tech-company experience as the object of that obsession.

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Fictitious Startup Meets Real-World Disruptor

Interested in learning more about the technology that inspired the Pied Piper box?


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Pied Piper’s jacket was clearly tacky, but ours is the pinnacle of style…right? #SwagFail #SiliconValleyHBO

Stylish SimpliVity Jacket

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