Why SimpliVity

SimpliVity releases IT from the unnecessary complexity of managing traditional infrastructure. Only SimpliVity delivers convergence that goes beyond compute, networking, and storage to integrate all IT infrastructure below the hypervisor. It’s an agile and cost-effective alternative to the public cloud.

Simplify IT with SimpliVity

SimpliVity Delivers Breakthrough Benefits

SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure frees IT teams from the upkeep of traditional infrastructure.
Focus instead on business initiatives that make an impact.



Third-Party Validation

Here is what analysts have to share on the value delivered by SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure.

51% of customers retired their use of incumbent
third-party data protection solutions*

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*Source: IDC White Paper, sponsored by SimpliVity, “SimpliVity Hyperconvergence Drives Operational Efficiency and Customers are Benefitting,” April 2016.



Average 40:1 data efficiency with SimpliVity and
1/2 see >50% performance improvements

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Customers achieved 3.7 X TCO savings and
6.6 month payback compared to legacy alternatives

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Customers can save 22% to 49% compared to Amazon Web Services

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SimpliVity’s Technology is Superior

Unlike alternative solutions that only converge compute, networking, and storage, SimpliVity eliminates complexity by integrating all IT infrastructure below the hypervisor. The foundation of SimpliVity’s hyperconverged infrastructure is the revolutionary OmniStack Data Virtualization Platform software and its OmniStack Accelerator Card.

OmniStack Data Virtualization Platform

A globally aware file system and object store that enables a shared resource pool across multiple sites.

OmniStack Data Virtualization Platform

OmniStack Accelerator Card

A purpose-built PCIe card that offloads OmniStack’s global inline deduplication, compression, and optimization processes to reduce IOPs and bandwidth requirements while improving application performance.

OmniStack Accelerator Card


Architected For Choice

The OmniStack Data Virtualization Platform was built to enable flexible infrastructure, so you have more options.

Architected For Choice


The SimpliVity Hyperguarantee

1. HyperEfficient

90% capacity savings across storage and backup combined

2. HyperProtected

60-seconds or less on average for local backup or restore of a 1 TB VM

3. HyperSimple

3 clicks to back up, restore, clone or move a VM from a single console

4. HyperManageable

60-seconds or less on average to create or update backup policies for 1000s of VMs across dozens of remote sites from a single console

5. HyperAvailable

Add or remove a local or remote SimpliVity system without downtime, without interruption to local or remote backups, and without reconfiguration of backup policies or IP addresses


Customer Success Stories

See how SimpliVity helps businesses and governments around the world solve a wide variety of IT challenges. Learn how SimpliVity customers spend money wisely, increase their business’s operational efficiency, and mitigate everyday risks.

Learn More About Hyperconvergence

Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

This independent study found that companies
deploying SimpliVity realized 3.7x TCO savings and
payback in just over six months.

SimpliVity’s Technology In Depth

This technology overview will take you through the
architecture, functions and inner workings of
SimpliVity’s hyperconverged infrastructure.

Waypoint Capital Finds Worldwide Efficiency
SimpliVity hyperconvergence freed one customer from managing outdated legacy infrastructure. See more on how Waypoint modernized its IT.